Are You Enjoying The New NBA 2K22 Neighborhood Features

2021-10-15 00:00:00

Buy NBA 2K22 coins from and we will have your order ready in no time! NBA 2K22 Neighborhood is the place where players can interact, take part in activities, train, and customize their avatars. Activities in the Neighborhood require MT coins so head to to buy cheap NBA 2K22 MT coins! For this year's edition, the Neighborhood has received some improvements.


New Features in NBA 2K22 Neighborhood

NBA 2K22 players are invited to step on a cruise ship. The Neighborhood experience for this year takes place on the Cancha Del Mar. This place has everything players could want from a basketball-themed cruise ship, including cafes and restaurants. The intro tells you what you need to know about Cancha Del Mar. The first NPC you'll encounter is Heather. She waits in the lobby and is ready to give you any information. You can return to her at any time to get a new quest or ask something about the ship. MyCourt is the player housing feature. You get to have a place of your own on the ship. Players are invited to take advantage of the customization options. Each player has the possibility to design a unique MyCourt. This is the place where you will be spending the time when you are not on other courts or training so make it according to your taste. Murals, scoreboards, and many other options are available. Players get rewards from multiple activities. Some are right there in the open, whereas others might be hidden. Don't forget to check out Deck 14. You can obtain a daily reward for Daily Pick Em and Daily Spin. The restaurant has more than delicious foods. You will get a reward or a boost twice per season when you visit the restaurant. The Cancha Del Mar has many courts where you can play various modes. Deck 8 hosts MyCourt and the Pro-Am games. These matches are for the best players. Deck 15 is the place that has the Gatorade Training Facility and the courts for two versus two and three versus three games. On Deck 16, you will find three versus three and five versus five courts. The cruise ship is in motion and this means that you can visit places. When the ship docks, players have the chance to go on an excursion and discover scenic courts. Each season, different excursions are available. Just go to the lobby and see where you can go. Players will earn unique rewards during excursions.