Basketball City and Cruise

2021-11-04 00:00:00

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Last year, next-gen players got to play Basketball City, while current-gen players got to enjoy 2K Beach. This year, next-gen players will get a much-improved 'Basketball City', while current-gen players can head out to sea and compete in a basketball community on a giant cruise ship. In each season, the cruise ship will dock in exotic ports, giving players the opportunity to experience special coastal activities. In the first season, the cruise ship will travel to the Caribbean.


"Basketball City is getting a new city plan this year and Visual Concepts says the new Basketball City will be more vibrant and have more interactive elements, such as more NPCs in the city than in the past, making Basketball City even more dynamic. The new quest system will not only bring more creative content, but also provide new ways to level up and earn rewards, a section Visual Concepts says they will cover in more detail at a later date.

The matchmaking option in 'Basketball City' should allow players to get into matches faster, and there is a special building in the game designed for this function. visual Concepts said that these matchmaking features support multiple match types, and that these match types will all affect the progress of self-created players.


Visual Concepts also confirmed to us that the 'league' is still there, but Visual Concepts says it will be 'bigger than ever'. But now players don't need to qualify for Basketball City in Rookie Village first, as Boenisch has confirmed that there will be no Rookie Village in 2K22, saying, "Rookie Village was a successful experiment, and I like the set-up. But overall, I don't think it's had the effect we envisioned. So there won't be a Rookie Village in 2K22, and players will enter Basketball City as a young man."

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