Best Badges for the 2Way Mid Range Facilitator

2021-12-23 00:00:00

To give this version the best chance of excelling in the different aspects of the game, here are the best badges you can equip. Sometimes, best rewards are not enough to enjoy the game to its fullest, visit MTStacks to get best 2K MT Coins.


Sniper: A slightly early or late jump shot will receive a boost, while a very early or late shot will receive a greater penalty.

Fade Ace: A boost to shots from any distance that are backward and backward.

Clutch Shooter: Increases the ability to knock down shots at key moments. Shot attempts that occur in the final moments of the fourth quarter or during any overtime period receive a considerable boost.

Volume Shooter: Increases the percentage of shots taken as the number of shots taken increases. After the player makes a small number of shots, each subsequent shot boosts the shot attribute additionally - whether successful or missed.


Best Finishing Badges

Non-strippable: Reduces the chance of being stripped when attacking the basket, laying up or dunking.

Expert Touch: Provides an additional boost to lay-up timing, and an additional boost to shooting percentage when laying up slightly early, slightly late or with excellent shot timing.


Quick Twitch: Accelerates the ability to get a standing layup or dunk before the defence has time to compete.


Best defense and Rebounding Badges

Rim protector: improves a player's ability to cap the ball, reduces the chance of being dunked on and unlocks a special cap animation.


Rebound Chaser: Improves a player's ability to track rebounds from a greater distance than usual.

Clamps: Defenders can use faster interceptions and are more successful on impact or when riding the ball carrier on the hip.


Best Playmaking Badges

Dimers: Improves the percentage of jump shots taken by open teammates after receiving a pass. When in the half court, Dimers passes to open shooters, thus increasing shooting percentage.

Glue Hands: reduces the chance of an errant pass while improving the ability to catch a strong pass and make quick next moves.

Bullet Pass: Improves a player's ability to pass the ball quickly, speeding up the rate at which players take the ball out of their hands and increasing the speed of the pass.

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