Coach Candace Parker Joins NBA 2K22 MyTeam

2022-02-15 00:00:00

Let Mtstacks supply you with NBA 2K22 coins, so you can focus on enjoying the game and nothing else! NBA 2K22 Season 4 comes with many new MyTeam cards. Coach Candace Parker is among the most exciting new items. Her Diamond Coach card is available in MyTeam. Coach Parker is one of the best-known WNBA athletes. She has won the WNBA two times and has also been named MVP twice. Players obtain her card as a reward for making it to level 35 in Season 4. To help players get Coach Parker faster, Mtstacks has special NBA 2K22 MT coins price and deals.

NBA 2K22 Coach Parker and The W Online Updates

Season 4 introduces the first double Signature Challenge. Players are invited to match skills against Candace Parker and Dwayne Wade. We have two challenges that allow players to win Hall of Fame badges, Diamond Shoe boost, and Diamond Shoe colorways. Coach Candace Parker had an amazing season. Under her guidance, the Chicago team managed to win the WNBA. The victory means a lot to her as Chicago is her hometown. Everyone knows that Coach Parker can lead a team to victory. She doesn't lose her temper in stressful situations and she always manages to find the best strategy. Players are invited to take advantage of her Diamond card when playing games in the W mode. It's a pity that The W mode and all of the related features are exclusive to the PlayStation 5 version. Great things are happening in The W during Season 4. Players have already had the chance to play with the best WNBA players. In Hunt for Glory, The W players will be able to join forces with some of the best basketball strategists. We are talking about coaches Dawn Staley and Becky Hammon. The prizing system features four reward tiers. The coaches are obtained as Hall of Fame items. Other rewards include NBA 2K22 MT coins, gear, extra badges, seasonal clothing items, and more. Season 4 has more exciting things to do. MyCareer events allow players to take part in The City games for double XP and more awesome prizes. The Season 3 mode Clutch Time has better rewards in Season 4. The Galaxy Opal MyTeam collection gets bigger. Players will obtain Galaxy Opal cards as rewards for completing seasonal objectives in MyTeam modes. New premium collections such as Camouflage and Flash 5 are also available.