EA may launch the next generation of basketball games

2021-08-04 00:00:00

According to an interview with EA General Manager Daryl Holt by "Axios", the latter mentioned the development of a number of professional sports games under its umbrella. Among them, in the basketball project part of which there has been no work in the past two years, he said: "We are concerned about the next generation of basketball games. How to be made and designed is always under discussion." In the interview, Daryl Holt used "high definition", which is usually used to refer to next-generation games such as Xbox Series X|S or PlayStation 5 that are not mobile games. Shorthand abbreviation for the next gen platform.


Back in 2010, "NBA Live" was the most well-known basketball game of that era. As the saying goes, there is competition to make progress. With the rise of the "NBA 2K" series developed by 2K Esports, it has become the most important game in the past ten years. The popular basketball game, this competitive pressure even made "NBA Live 13" cancel the development, and the subsequent years have lost its influence year by year, allowing the rising star of "NBA 2K" to overtake and become today's mainstream basketball game.



For a few more years, "NBA 2K" regularly announces the star value before the game is released, which has become a fixed ceremony that many players look forward to. Even more NBA stars are dissatisfied with their low evaluation and hope that 2K can adjust the value.


In recent years, "NBA 2K" may have encountered the same problems as "NBA Live". In the case of a single big family, it has lost the motivation to make progress and change. Many players also believe that the changes of "NBA 2K" every year are just Update the list of players, the game itself has not improved at all. With the launch of the next-generation console, "NBA 2K21" and "NBA 2K22" strive to make a difference between the game screen and the old generation. Now "NBA Live" is expected to return. Perhaps the "NBA 2K" can once again feel the pressure of competition and produce better game content.


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