How to Fix NBA 2K22 Crashing

2021-11-25 00:00:00

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Clean boot your system to fix startup problems


Startup problems can be caused by background interruptions. Rebooting the system helps to resolve such problems. Therefore, you can perform a clean system boot to fix the game's problems. You can launch the game after a clean system restart to fix background interruptions.


Your system must meet the minimum requirements for the game


The game's startup problems may be the result of performance issues. As such, NBA 2K22 requires hardware with decent performance. Therefore, lack of system performance can lead to start-up problems. Therefore, always make sure that your system meets the minimum requirements of the game.


Download and install the latest patch update


The latest patch updates bring fixes to the game. It is therefore important that updates are consistent and frequent. Likewise, many bugs and issues usually receive patch updates from the developers. Keeping the game up to date can therefore solve launch problems.


Updating your PC graphics card drivers


Start-up problems can be caused by outdated graphics drivers. Therefore, always update your PC's graphics drivers to the latest version available. This can help to resolve the startup problem.


Running games with administrator rights


On PC, running the game with administrator rights can solve the game's startup problems. Alternatively, you can run the game in compatibility mode to fix the game's startup problems.