N B A 20 Global Championship Is Coming to a Close

2020-02-18 00:00:00

NBA 20 Global Championship is a new e-sports event. This tournament was established in 2019. The inaugural season started in October 2019 and now we are getting close to its conclusion. The final games will be played on February 22nd. This is the date that will mark the crowning of the first winner of this tournament. Eight players will compete in the final event. The last event has best out of three rules. Players can use a team only one time during the competition. The games are played on PC so players have equal chances. Competitors can use the controller of choice. As you know, the tournament was opened to console players. The last games are played on PC to ensure a fair environment for all participants. The regional finals decide who will compete in the global finals. The top eight players will compete in these events. Just like the global event, the regional finals will be played on PC as well. Players can use either controller and cannot use a team more than once. The regional finals will single out two players from Europe, two players from Asia-Pacific, and four players from the Americas. These are the ones who will participate in the February event.


Being among the eight players that will compete in the final games is not just an honor, it's also a well-paid job. Each regional final player will get $15,000. The big prize goes to the player who wins the final. He will get $100,000. The finals will be played live in the United States of America. This new e-sports event was created by the NBA 20 studio in collaboration with the NBA, NBPA, and ESL. The tournament is a one versus one competition. The games are played online but the regional finals are played live. The ESL studios in Paris, Sydney, and Los Angeles will host these events. The final is played in Los Angeles. Fans can watch the events on Twitch. Participants were also free to individually stream their online qualifiers and playoffs games. Based on the performance of this first season, the organizers will decide whether to host a second season or not.


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(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Chong Fang)

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