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2020-03-03 00:00:00

Here you can find some expert tips to up your shooting game in NBA 20. The ability to knock down more shots en to kill those three-pointers every time, will help you get better fast. While the focus should also be on the defense, today it’s all about the attacking part in the game.

Dribbling and defending is fun, but if you can’t shoot, you will lose. Player who do not practice shooting in NBA  will lose more. Even if you have enough NBA  MT and have the best of everything, you will still need to practice the basketball-shooting skill a lot. Below you find the tips we have gathered for you!

Know the hot spots

For this exercise we recommend you go to practice mode. When in the practice mode, press the select button. A cool graph with hot spots will show up. You can see in what zones on the court you are good at. If you add more zones, you can also increase the shooting attributes! Train zones that are not listed or zones that are a weak spot to get better in the game.

Practice a lot

And by a lot, we mean a lot. The shooting skill might just be the most important skill in the game. Try to find the sweet spot of when to release the basketball. There are some general tips for this sweet spot, but we have noticed that it’s best to find the spot yourself. Train a lot and practice when to release the ball. You can – as a beginner but also as a more seasoned player – turn shot feedback on. You will see every detail you need after you take a shot like:

  • Poor shot
  • Good timing
  • Good shot
  • Excellent shot
  • Et cetera

Experiment with the variety of shots

There are multiple options in NBA20 to take the shot. If you have not found the shot that works for you, experiment with it a lot. We recommend to train with different NBA player who have signature shots. For training, go to practice mode. We have a very good statistics with the jump shots. In the video below you can check various shots and signature shots.

Go to training camp

There is an in-game training camp mode, provided by NBA20. This is an option if you are a NBA  20 beginner in the game. You can get familiar with all the different shot types and train them. You will also learn a lot of tips and tricks for offense and defense shooting situations. This is the number 1 go-to tip for the beginner in the game. Try all the shots, get help, score more and get better fast!

Take your time and take a good shot

Most players rush a shot and take a lot of bad shots. Take your time. There is a lot of time on the clock for you to take a good shot. Get a good position, pass around and dribble a bit. Do not try to shoot within a few seconds when you get possession of the ball! Maybe your player will be the next Kareem Abdul-Jabber, the NBA All Time top scorer! Like we said, there is 24 seconds on the shot clock. Take your time and don’t make a bad shot!

Shoot with the buttons

This is more a matter of preference, but we like to not shoot with the right stick. We like to shoot with the button instead. But you should try all the shooting methods and maybe change the controls around a little bit. We like to shoot with X on our Xbox One and with the Square for PS4. What is your favorite method?

(Edited by Chong Fang)

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