N B A 20: The New MyGM 2.0 Introduction

2019-11-06 00:00:00

N B A 20 has several game modes and MyGM is one of the most popular. This mode is a veteran feature and long-time players always have big expectations from it each time a new N B A game is released. Developers are taking players' feedback into consideration each time they design the next year's MyGM. Thanks to online communities and social hubs such as Reddit and Twitter, players can express their thoughts.

N B A 20 comes with MyGM 2.0. A version upgrade means a significant overhaul. At the core, MyGM remains the same. It's the game mode that gives players the chance to be in charge of a basketball team. As managers, players must fulfill various objectives and to build the team. Conversations with the basketball players are a part of this mode. Actually, players really liked this feature and the feedback was positive. Developers wanted to come up with something fresh, so they redesigned some of the old systems and came up with new features such as action points, overhauled interactions, revamped task systems, skill trees, and leaderborads.

Accessibility was another concern. Developers gathered that the old mode was not for all players. Some felt that it wasn't that easy to get into so they avoided it. The new improved mode is accessible to everyone. The team behind the game is confident that the new mode will convince players that never tried it before to give it a chance. When designing this year's MYGM, the developers had two goals in mind. The first one was to come up with a system of meaningful decisions. The decision-making system was part of the mode before, but now developers wanted to add more depth to it. In the past, players normally chose the best solution. The second design philosophy was to simply make MyGM more fun. A complex mode with lots of features is a great addition for any game, but it must be fun else players won't be drawn to it. There are also visual changes and an interface update. It looks like the developers did a good job because MyGM got praised both by the critics and players. What do you think of it?

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(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Chong Fang)

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