NBA 2K21 Best Driving Dunkers

2021-09-07 00:00:00

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In NBA 2K22, a host of great basketball players who possess insane Driving Dunk stats have now been identified and listed in this article right here.

NBA 2K22’s official launch day is finally upon us, and what better way to keep the hype up than to scout the game’s new basketball players which have already been revealed by the developers recently.


If you are interested in knowing which basketballer has the best Driving Dunk stat in the new game, here is a list that might be of interest to you:


1. Zion Williamson, PF/ C (New Orleans Pelicans): OVR 89


Still only 21-years old, the American basketball player is sure to become one of the elites within the next foreseeable future, with his Driving Dunk stat amongst his highest in the game!


· Driving Dunk (Inside Shooting): 97


2. Zach LaVine, SG/ SF (Chicago Bulls): OVR 87


Zach LaVine has plenty of gas inside his tank, and he is already raring to go for Chicago Bulls as he showcases an extremely high Driving Dunk stat in NBA 2K22.


· Driving Dunk (Inside Shooting): 95


3. Aaron Gordon, PF/ SF (Denver Nuggets): OVR 79


Another young basketballer, Aaron Gordon shares the same Driving Dunk stat with his rival earlier, Zach LaVine.


· Driving Dunk (Inside Shooting): 95


4. Ja Morant, PG (Memphis Grizzlies): OVR 85


Ja Morant is only a year older than Zion Williamson, yet he also possesses an unbelievable Driving Dunk stat to help him rack in the points around the hoops.


· Driving Dunk (Inside Shooting): 94


5. Derrick Jones Jr., SF/ PF (Chicago Bulls): OVR 75


The 24-year old Forward player plays alongside LaVine in Chicago Bulls, and provides another lethal threat around the opposition hoops on the court.


· Driving Dunk (Inside Shooting): 94


With these five (5) basketball players rounding off the best individuals showcasing amazing Driving Dunk stats in NBA 2K22, you can already draft out a potential MyTeam (MT) squad now even before the game itself is officially released!


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