NBA 2K21 Highest Rated Women Basketball Players Revealed

2021-08-27 00:00:00

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With all the hype surrounding the main NBA 2K22 game coming around the corner, gamers tend to forget that the WNBA has also been included in the NBA video game franchise, with some notable superstars making the rounds too!




The WNBA may not be as popular as the ones making the headlines, but the number of elite women basketball players in the competition should be something to be respected as well.


Considering themselves the counterpart of incredible players like LeBron James and Stephen Curry, these talented women athletes are undoubtedly as competent and competitive as everyone else in the sport.


Today, let’s look into five (5) of the best-rated women basketball players in NBA 2K22:


1. Breanna Stewart, PF/ SF (Seattle Storm): OVR 95


The American elite athlete is someone who never stops trying, and will always give her all no matter the match-up.


In NBA 2K22, this is evident by her sheer outstanding attributes such as


· Shot IQ (Outside Scoring): 98

· Offensive Consistency (Outside Scoring): 98

· Stamina (Athleticism): 97

· Close Shot (Outside Scoring): 96

· Layup (Inside Scoring): 96


2. A’ja Wilson, PF/ C (Las Vegas Aces): OVR 94


The 25-year old Las Vegas Ace player is a dominant player who loves to get herself into tight spots around the opposition hoops, and for good reason.


Her great technical abilities and trickery is paramount towards her team’s continuous victories:


· Shot IQ (Outside Scoring): 98

· Stamina (Athleticism): 98

· Draw Foul (Inside Scoring): 96

· Hustle (Athleticism): 95

· Hands (Athleticism): 95


3. Jonquel Jones, PF/ C (Connecticut Sun): OVR 94


Originally born in Bahamas, Jonquel Jones made her career as a basketball player in NBA with the Connecticut Suns back in 2016.


After helping her team to some profound upsets and major victories, she eventually became noticed on a global level, sporting stats such as:


· Shot IQ (Outside Scoring): 98

· Offensive Consistency (Outside Scoring): 95

· Hustle (Outside Scoring): 95

· Draw Foul (Inside Scoring): 94

· Hands (Inside Scoring): 92


4. Candace Parker, PF/ C (Chicago Sky): OVR 93


Candace Parker is Chicago Sky’s glamorous role model and versatile player on the team.


Capable of being utilised in various roles, her mainstay positions are of the Power Forward and Centre positions due to her great abilities like:


· Shot IQ (Outside Scoring): 98

· Offensive Consistency (Outside Scoring): 95

· Hustle (Athleticism): 95

· Stamina (Athleticism): 94

· Draw Foul (Inside Scoring): 94


5. Brittney Griner, C (Phoenix Mercury): OVR 92


Brittney Griner is one of the most balanced players in the game, as her natural instincts allow her to read plays quickly, both during offensive and defensive situations.


With such magnificent intelligence, it can only be supplemented with innate talents like:


· Defensive Consistency (Defending): 98

· Interior Defence (Defending): 97

· Help Defence IQ (Defending): 97

· Shot IQ (Outside Scoring): 97

· Strength (Athleticism): 96


These basketball players are unmistakeably amongst the best in the sport, and their ratings give credence to their overall stats in the NBA.


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