NBA 2K21 MyTeam Season 7 Has Begun

2021-05-19 00:00:00

NBA 2K21 Season 7 is here. The name of MyTeam Season 7 is Full Throttle. This season lasts for only four weeks. So far, it is the shortest MyTeam season. NBA 2K21 Season 7 is based on current NBA events such as the end of the season, the NBA Playoffs, the Play-In Tournament, and the Basketball Hall of Fame event. Season 7 will be short but intense, hence the name Full Throttle. Players will be on their toes for these four weeks if they want to get all the rewards and to make it to level 40. Luckily, they have some help. Players can get 150,000 XP on the first day. This is of tremendous help because it boosts players' chance of getting the max seasonal level. Players will also have the chance to obtain extra XP during these four weeks. Keep an eye for various events such as moments celebrations and new releases as they will provide ways to get more XP.


Earn These Rewards in NBA 2K21 Season 7


We've talked about XP and max level, but it's time to see what awaits players at the end of this short but exciting journey. The seasonal reward for level 40 is Vince Carter from the Dark Matter collection. More cards from this collection can be acquired as players complete MyTeam activities. The Limited reward is none other than famous NBA player Elgin Baylor. Get wins in Limited and you will be able to acquire the four rings you need for this player. Larry Johnson is the reward from MyTeam Unlimited. You will need to get 12-0 in the Galaxy Opal tier set. The Ascension mode features Sidney Moncrief as the reward. 

Play Triple Threat Online and you will obtain Bailey Howell. Larry Kenon is the reward that is obtained from the Vault. If you obtain 1,500 wins in Triple Threat single player, Jerry Lucas is yours. The Exchange has amazing rewards as well. Don't miss the chance to get Louie Dampier, Chris Paul, and Carmelo Anthony. Bill Walton comes from the Dark Matter Reward market. Players shouldn't forget about the Token Market as they can earn exclusive packs that include Hall of Fame badges. Players can get these badges as login rewards as well. For eight days, players will get a new Hall of Fame badge when they log into the game. Spotlight Sim is part of NBA 2K21 MyTeam Season 7 too. It has rewards such as Lifetime Agendas.

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