NBA 2K21 Play for Free

2021-03-11 00:00:00

For huge basketball fans out there, if you haven’t tried out NBA 2K21 just yet, this weekend would probably be the best time for you to get in on the action!


For a limited time only (13th March 2021 – 14th March 2021), Steam will be offering you the chance to play the game, absolutely for free!


Not only that, the immensely popular basketball game is also currently on sale too, with a huge 67% discount currently on offer (Standard Edition).


If you’re looking at the Mamba Forever edition though, the special game issue is currently rocking a 33% discount on the same PC platform too.


What do you get for the exclusive version, you might ask?


Here’s a general overview of the many perks of purchasing the Mamba Forever edition (especially with the discounted price tag):


· 100,000 virtual currency

· 10,000 MyTeam (MT) points

· 60 MyCareer skill boosts

· 10 MyTeam tokens

· 30 Gatorade boosts

· 40 MyTeam promotional packs

· MyPlayer shoes (in-game)

· MyPlayer backpack (in-game)

· Many others!


If you are still on the fence on buying either version of the game though, testing the game out when it goes free during the weekend would definitely be worth your time in order to make a well-informed decision later on.


After all, you wouldn’t really know what you’re getting until you try it out for yourself, right?


Wish-list the game on Steam now, to keep you updated on any further sale offers and discounted prices throughout the year.


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