NBA 2K21 Season 6: Glitched Reality Has Begun

2021-04-01 00:00:00

The latest NBA 2K21 update teased MyTeam Season 6 by only saying that “it's peculiar”. Now that Season: Glitched Reality was officially revealed, we can say that peculiar is the right description. All the other five MyTeam Seasons that came before it had a theme that was reflected in the name. Glitched Reality doesn't tell us much. It seems more the name of a Sci-Fi movie than of something related to basketball. The NBA 2K21 blog announcing Season 6 is also mysterious.


What Glitched Reality Is All About?


Season 6 was officially unveiled in a Courtside Report blog. It seems that it is all about secrets and puzzles. The code RR3CJ is the first info about the season. Players are asked to discover the meaning behind this bit of information. The developers say that is just the beginning. Glitched Reality will feature many other mysteries and players are invited to uncover them. This puzzle theme looks like a lot of fun. Players will unravel the mysteries but they shouldn't be quick to brag about it. Some puzzles are only for small groups of players, while others cater to the entire MyTeam player base. It could be that some activities can only be completed in a group and others require the involvement of the community. Luckily, the blog does offer some concrete information. Season 6 will last for six weeks. Let's review some of the new features that are heading our way in MyTeam Season 6.


Season 6 Brings New Features


Starting with Season 6, players will see new markets in MyTeam mode. The Glitch Market is based on the hidden markets feature from past MyTeam editions. NBA 2K veterans will surely figure this one out in no time. Don't get comfortable though as the second market is still shrouded in mystery. We don't know anything about it yet, only that it will be available as soon as Season 6 begins. Keep thinking about this Season's puzzles but don't forget about the Galaxy Opal Tournament. It's up to the community to choose the player that gets a Galaxy Opal card. You can vote for your favorite on social media. The Galaxy Opal item will be available for free via a locker code.


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