NBA 2K21 Season 9: Out Of This World Has Started

2021-07-30 00:00:00

NBA 2K21 Season 9: Out of this World is here. This will be the last full season for the current game. NBA 2K22 was announced. It's coming on September 10th. Everyone is excited about the new game but we are not done with NBA 2K21 just yet. MyTeam Season 9 lasts for three weeks.


Don't Miss These NBA 2K21 Season 9 New Items and Rewards


Out of this World packs are available from the start of the season. They carry the name and theme of Season 9 and they include four special cards. These items are based on Space Jam: A New Legacy movie. The first Space Jam movie is a 1996 comedy where the Looney Tunes characters team up with Michael Jordan. These four cards represent famous basketball players such as Anthony Davis, Damian Lillard, Klay Thompson, and LeBron James, the star of the new Space Jam: A New Legacy movie. A themed challenge is available giving you the opportunity to earn an Out of this World deluxe pack. The Triple Threat Challenge features LeBron James. You will be competing against the Goon Squad. You can use any LeBron card in your collection. As always, a locker code allows you to grab a free LeBron card. The rewards for this challenge also include a Galaxy Opal or Dark Matter item card. NBA 2K21 Season 9 introduces G.O.A.T cards. This collection has five cards. Michael Jordan and LeBron James are the first two cards that can be obtained. All G.O.A.T cards have 99 OVR, 99 stats, and all the Hall of Fame badges. The Invincible collection continues in this season. The best seasonal rewards are Invincible cards. Just like in all MyTeam seasons, players can level up to max level 40 and get rewards on the way. Isaiah Thomas is the level 1 reward. You get this card as soon as you enter MyTeam Season 9. To achieve max level 40, players must gather 150k XP. It won't be easy but considering that the reward is Invincible Julius Erving, it's all worth it. Players can earn Dark Matter rewards from other MyTeam modes. Toni Kukoc is the reward from Limited. The Unlimited reward is Ray Allen. Play in Ascension mode and you will acquire Dennis Rodman. Grant Hill can be yours if you complete Triple Threat Online activities. If you get 2,000 wins in Triple Threat mode you get Russell Westbrook. This season's Vault card is Jerry West. The reward market gives you Hakeem Olajuwon. You can get this card as many times as you want.

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