NBA 2K21: Free Agent Kevin Durant

2021-06-17 00:00:00

Who doesn’t like free redeemable content in NBA 2K21?


Starting with the release of NBA 2K21’s ‘Trial of Champions’ season promo, you will be able to recruit one of history’s most iconic Shooting Guard/ Point Guard in world basketball – American professional player, Kevin Durant!


How, you may ask?


In NBA 2K21, a new Locker Code has just been released for you to recruit the supreme basketball player, starting today!


Here is the Locker Code in question:




Boasting a 95-Rated ‘Free Agent’ Player Card, Durant’s outstanding stats can be seen below:


· Offensive Consistency (Outside Scoring): 98

· Shot IQ (Outside Scoring): 97

· Stamina (Athleticism): 96

· Potential (Potential): 95

· Driving Layup (Inside Scoring): 94


Throughout his professional career, he had represented Oklahoma City Thunder, Golden State Warriors and Brooklyn Nets, proving his ability to play at the top level time and time again.


If you want him inside your MyTeam (MT) squad today, you need to redeem the Locker Code soon before it expires on 4th July 2021 (Sunday).


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