NBA 2K21: Have You Collected The Free Easter Card

2021-04-08 00:00:00

NBA 2K21 players receive a special Easter present. If it's a present it means that it's free. You won't have to spend coins or complete activities to get one of these awesome players. All you need to do is to use the EASTER-HOPS locker code. Keep in mind that you can choose only one of the following players. We will list their stats and OVR so you can analyze each card and make the right decision.


Get One of These Player Cards For Free


The Easter collection features five amazing cards with high OVR. We have three items with 96 OVR and two items with 95 OVR. '18 Desmond Mason is a 96 OVR item from the premium Pantheon: All-Star collection. The card depicts him in his Seattle SuperSonics uniform. The attributes of this card are 84 outside scoring, 94 athleticism, 89 inside scoring, 83 playmaking, 85 defending, and 75 rebounding. Paul George is another 96 OVR card. It is part of the premium Retro 2K Vol.1 collection. The stats are 91 outside scoring, 90 athleticism, 81 inside scoring, 80 playmaking, 88 defending, and 72 rebounding. The Chicago Bulls shooting guard/small forward, Zach LaVine, is one of the Easter cards that you can add for free to your roster. The OVR is 96 and the attributes are 92 outside scoring, 93 athleticism, 86 inside scoring, 82 playmaking, 79 defending, and 50 rebounding. '94 Larry Nance comes from Triple Threat Rewards but thanks to this promo you can grab it without completing any activities. The card has 95 OVR with 81 outside scoring, 89 athleticism, 82 inside scoring, 58 playmaking, 91 defending, and 87 rebounding. '95 Michael Jordan is a premium item from the IDOLS: Series I V.I.P. collection. This card has 95 OVR with 89 outside scoring, 94 athleticism, 93 inside scoring, 76 playmaking, 93 defending, and 49 rebounding.


How to Get the Easter Cards


Use the locker code EASTER-HOPS and select the card that you want in your MyTeam roster. It's very easy to submit a locker code and claim the reward. Open the game's main menu and select the MyTeam option. Take a look to the right and you will see an option named Extras. Access it and you will find the Locker Codes section. To make sure you don't misspell the locker code, just copy/paste it. Locker codes are available for a limited time so use them before they expire.


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