NBA 2K21: How to Steal the Ball

2021-02-08 00:00:00

While some NBA 2K21 players may be content to simply protect their opponents and try to block their shots while on offense, you won't be blamed for wanting to take the initiative and try a steal the ball. That's why we are here to guide you how to steal the ball in NBA 2K21. As with other game mechanics in NBA 2K21, stealing the ball is not that difficult to do. While controlling a player on your team within range of an opposing player who is holding the ball, you can press the square button on PlayStation 4, the X button on Xbox One, or the Y button on Nintendo Switch to attempt a Flight. As long as the opposing player does not see the flight and your juke coming, you will take control of the ball and immediately switch your team to attack. When are the best times to steal the ball? Of course, it should be noted that there are better times and places to steal the ball than others in NBA 2K21. If you are trying to prevent your opponent from scoring at a crucial point in the game, stealing the ball is the way to go. This can allow you to maintain control of the ball and advance the clock, forcing the game into overtime if you are tied and unable to score or preventing your opponent from scoring if he is leading. On the other hand, if your opponent can easily see the next move, you better refrain from doing it. A failed steal can leave your player in a bad position to cover the player with the ball and can result in your opponent's score. Read the situations you find yourself in and use the move accordingly to maximize your chances of success. Hope this clears up how to steal the ball in NBA 2K21. If you are enjoying NBA 2K21, don’t forget you can buy NBA 2K MT coins on MTStacks store!  

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