NBA 2K21: The End of Age of Heroes

2021-03-24 00:00:00

ll good things must come to an end.


With NBA 2K21’s Season 5 coming to a close, the Age of Heroes campaign will likely follow suit too.


However, if you’ve missed out on some awesome player cards introduced throughout the last few months, you can still catch up with the latest Age of Heroes Super Packs now, for the next three (3) days.


Included in these exclusive basketball player packs are amongst the best MyTeam (MT) player cards available throughout all of Season 5!


Who are the available players up for grabs?


In case you missed them, here are just a few Heroes player cards which went live throughout the season:


· All Star: Zion Williamson, Michael Jordan

· Retro 2K: Derrick Rose

· IDOLs: Kevin Garnett

· Other Age of Heroes player cards: Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Vince Carter, etc


In commemoration of Age of Heroes’ well-received nature by NBA 2K21 fans, a new Locker Code has also been released for you to enjoy some powerful freebies – possibly the best one yet!


The latest code entry – “S5AGE-OF-HEROES-SUPER-PACKS” – will get you one (1) out of a few different rare player card packs which are listed below:


· Quantum Player Pack (5 Player Cards)

· IDOLS Series II: Kevin Garnett (5 Player Cards)

· Pantheon: All Star Pack (5 Player Cards)

· Flash 7 Pack (5 Player Cards)

· Retro 2K, Vol 3. (5 Player Cards)


Be sure to check out the game now, with the code expiring by the 30th March 2021 – signalling the finale of Season 5 (as well as the Age of Heroes).


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