NBA 2K22 – ‘Galaxy Opal’ Shawn Kemp Awaits You in Clutch Time!

2022-03-21 10:00:00

For all the cheapest MT Coins on the market right now, mtstacks is the best online marketplace for you to visit every single day! Great basketball players come from all generations, and if you’re a fan of Shawn Kemp, you would definitely be happy to know that the former NBA superstar has now received his first ‘Galaxy Opal’ Player Card in NBA 2K22, as the Clutch Time mode’s top prize! Shawn Kemp is mostly known for his long-serving achievements with Seattle SuperSonics from 1989 to 1997. Although he did have other playing stints with different teams like Cleveland Cavaliers and Portland Trail Blazers, it is his time with the Sonics that he really made a name for himself. In NBA 2K22, an astounding ‘Galaxy Opal’ Player Card has now been introduced for the 52-year old former player, using his prime at Seattle SuperSonics as the foundation for his latest 98-Rated player card: (PF/ C) Shawn Kemp’s ‘Galaxy Opal’ Clutch Time Rewards Player Card: OVR 98 Vertical (Athleticism): 98 Standing Dunk (Inside Scoring): 98 Driving Dunk (Inside Scoring): 98 Middle Shot (Shooting): 97 Offensive Consistency (Shooting): 95 Additionally, Kemp also enjoys tons of incredible Badges too: Finishing oAcrobat (Hall of Fame) oFast Twitch (Hall of Fame) oFearless Finisher (Hall of Fame) oLimitless Take-Off (Hall of Fame) oLob City Finisher (Hall of Fame) oLoads more! Shooting oCatch and Shoot (Hall of Fame) oCorner Specialist (Hall of Fame) oSet Shooter (Hall of Fame) oDeadeye (Gold) oDifficult Shots (Gold) oMany others! Playmaking oDownhill (Hall of Fame) oQuick First Step (Hall of Fame) oTight Handles (Hall of Fame) oBreak Starter (Gold) oBullet Passer (Gold) oA few others. Defensive oChase Down Artist (Hall of Fame) oInterceptor (Hall of Fame) oPogo Stick (Hall of Fame) oRebound Chaser (Hall of Fame) oBox (Gold) oA plethora more! Being the ultimate prize for Clutch Time mode, you will have to grind your way as much as you can until you finally achieve Kemp’s newest player card reward. Be sure to do it before Season 5, ‘Power Within’ ends around 8th April 2022 (Friday), though. For all the cheapest MT Coins right now,  mtstacks  is the only place for you to visit 24/7!