NBA 2K22 Desmond Banes Boosted Amethyst Player Card

2021-12-09 00:00:00

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With a few noticeable ‘Moments’ Player Cards now being released into NBA 2K22, one of the more surprising inclusions comes in the guise of Memphis Grizzlies’ talented basketball player, Desmond Bane!




Memphis Grizzlies may be considered to be amongst the most inconsistent NBA teams currently, but a few of their talented basketball players certainly have shown potential to become elite basketball players within the foreseeable future.


One of them is undoubtedly of 23-year old Desmond Bane, who has proven to be a very promising Shooting Guard/ Small Forward for the Memphis Grizzlies in recent times.


In NBA 2K22, Bane looks set to receive a new player card upgrade in the form of his ‘Moments’ Amethyst Player Card as can be seen below:


(SG/ SF) Desmond Bane’s ‘Moments’ Amethyst Player Card: OVR 90


· Shot IQ (Shooting): 95

· Middle Shot (Shooting): 93

· Offensive Consistency (Shooting): 90

· 3-Point Shot (Shooting): 89

· Free Throw (Shooting): 89


Bane has a few select player Badges that complement his playing style and team roles respectively:


· Finishing

o Acrobat (Gold)

o Fearless Finisher (Gold)

o Giant Slayer (Gold)

o Pro Touch (Gold)

o Slithery Finisher (Gold)

o Etc.


· Shooting

o Catch And Shoot (Hall of Fame)

o Blinders (Gold)

o Clutch Shooter (Gold)

o Corner Specialist (Gold)

o Difficult Shots (Gold)

o Etc.


· Playmaking

o Bail Out (Gold)

o Break Starter (Gold)

o Glue Hands (Gold)

o Space Creator (Gold)

o Special Delivery (Gold)

o Etc.


With exceptionally good qualities to be proud of in the game, Desmond Bane could certainly line up to be a great new recruit for your MyTeam (MT) squad anytime soon!


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