NBA 2K22 Adrian Dantleys Glorious Diamond Upgrade

2021-11-18 00:00:00

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With plenty of new player cards now being introduced into NBA 2K22, one of the most recent ones falls in the guise of former Utah Jazz’s professional basketballer, Adrian Dantley, as a MyTeam (MT) Season Reward!




Season Rewards offer amongst the most valuable in-game items ever, in NBA 2K22.


With the new Season now underway – Season 2: Build Your Empire – it is only natural to acknowledge the new rewards that await you upon reaching specific levels for both MyCareer and MyTeam (MT).


If you are a dedicated MT player for NBA 2K22, an impressive player card awaits you once you achieve Level 33 for MT – Utah Jazz’s legendary Shooting Guard/ Small Forward, Adrian Dantley!


Adrian Dantley’s brand new player card is a ‘Diamond’-tier one, which offers impeccable attributes such as:


(SG/ SF) Adrian Dantley’s ‘Season 2 Rewards’ Player Card: OVR 92


· Shot IQ (Shooting): 98

· Hands (Inside Scoring): 98

· Close Shot (Shooting): 93

· Mid-Range Shot (Shooting): 93

· Hustle (Athleticism): 92


Dantley used to be a feared name on the basketball court, with his incredible long throws making him one of the best ‘Sharpshooter’ archetypes in the game.


Since Build Your Empire will only last until 3rd December 2021 (Friday), you have until then to bolster your MT Level in order to recruit Dantley into your own squad as soon as possible!


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