NBA 2K22 Jonas Valanciunas Upgraded Diamond Player Card

2021-12-09 00:00:00

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Diamond Player Cards are considered to be amongst the most sought-after player cards for MyTeam (MT), and Jonas Valanciunas of the New Orleans Pelicans has just received his very own ‘Diamond’ version with his newest ‘Moments’ Player Card released recently!




Jonas Valanciunas is quite an underappreciated gem in NBA 2K22, and his latest ‘Moments’ Player Card just proves that point completely!


With the recent additions of new player cards comes Valanciunas’ very own ‘Diamond’ Player Card update in order to help New Orleans Pelicans rival its other top competitors in the NBA.


Valanciunas is already a respectable Centre on the basketball court, but his newest stat improvements have now changed him into a beast in the game:


(C) Jonas Valanciunas’ ‘Moments’ Diamond Player Card: OVR 94


· Defensive Rebound (Rebound): 95

· Hands (Inside Scoring): 95

· Offensive Consistency (Shooting): 95

· Shot IQ (Shooting): 95

· Close Shot (Shooting): 94


Valanciunas is certainly more dangerous when it comes to scoring points from distance and proximity, with his player Badges also contributing to that as well:


· Finishing

o Backdown Punisher (Gold)

o Dream Shake (Gold)

o Dropstepper (Gold)

o Grace Under Pressure (Gold)

o Hook Specialist (Gold)

o Etc.


· Shooting

o Catch And Shoot (Hall of Fame)

o Corner Specialist (Hall of Fame)

o Set Shooter (Hall of Fame)

o Blinders (Gold)

o Clutch Shooter (Gold)

o Etc.


· Playmaking

o Bullet Passer (Gold)

o Post Playmaker (Silver)


· Defensive

o Box (Hall of Fame)

o Brick Wall (Hall of Fame)

o Hustler (Gold)

o Pogo Stick (Gold)

o Rebound Chaser (Gold)

o Etc.


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