NBA 2K22 Andre Iguodala Galaxy Opal Season Reward

2022-01-14 00:00:00

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After collecting loads of different cards in NBA 2K22, you most definitely would want to be compensated in some certain way, and the latest addition of a ‘Galaxy Opal’ Player Card in the form of great Small Forward/ Shooting Guard, Andre Iguodala, is one that surely fits the means.



NBA 2K22 card collectors rejoice!


If you’re a dedicated NBA 2K22 player who’s owned plentiful in-game cards since the game’s launch, a new ‘Galaxy Opal’ Player Card is now available for you to redeem in MyTeam (MT).


The player card in question is of Phildadelphia 76ers’ former basketball player, Andre Iguodala – now serving for Golden State Warriors – which can only be redeemed after you’ve collected 2,500 total cards to date!


That’s a lot, but that is also why it’s exclusively available to reward collectors that have been loyal to the game thus far.


Iguodala’s newest player card boasts exceptional attributes like:


(SF/ SG) Andre Iguodala’s Galaxy Opal ‘Collector Reward’ Player Card: OVR 97


· Stamina (Athleticism): 98

· Perimeter Defence (Defence) 97

· Help Defence IQ (Defence): 97

· Lateral Quickness (Defence): 97

· Pass Perception (Defence): 97


Iguodala is a defensive beast on the court, and he would be an amazing player to cover your team’s hoop during any in-game match.


His player card also boasts godly Badges too, with a few examples seen here:


· Finishing

o Limitless Takeoff (Hall of Fame)

o Posterier (Hall of Fame)

o Acrobat (Gold)

o Fast Twitch (Gold)

o Fearless Finisher (Gold)

o Etc.


· Shooting

o Clutch Shooter (Hall of Fame)

o Catch and Shoot (Gold)

o Corner Specialist (Gold)

o Difficult Shots (Gold)

o Green Machine (Gold)

o Few more.


· Playmaking

o Downhill (Hall of Fame)

o Quick First Step (Hall of Fame)

o Ankle Breaker (Gold)

o Bail Out (Gold)

o Break Starter (Gold)

o Many more!


· Defensive

o Ankle Bracers (Hall of Fame)

o Ball Stripper (Hall of Fame)

o Clamps (Hall of Fame)

o Interceptor (Hall of Fame)

o Intimidator (Hall of Fame)

o Loads others!


Since Season 4: Hunt 4 Glory lasts between 14th January 2022 (Friday) and 18th February 2022 (Friday), you sure have a lot of time on your hands to be able to acquire all those cards within the time period provided.


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