NBA 2K22 Best Dribbling Badges

2021-12-23 00:00:00

U7buygames is best shop for you to buy cheap NBA 2K MT! While almost all NBA players now want to shoot, some of them still want to finish those flashy dribbles before they jump shot - even more so when they want to be flashy on the rare occasions they drive.


What are the best dribble badges in 2K22?

We'd like to replicate Kyrie Irving's blueprint here, as he's the man with the perfect visual image of flashy dribbling and efficiency. Unless you want to dribble more and load the offense less like Jamal Crawford, here's the best dribble badge both players have together.


Handling for days

When the top ball-handlers in NBA 2K22 flash their dribbles, it seems like their dribble will last forever. That's because the Handles for Days badge reduces energy loss during dribbling moves. This is crucial for getting into the Hall of Fame grade.


Quick Chains

You can't be the best ball handler knowing just one dribble. The Quick Chain badge improves the ability to chain dribble moves together quickly so you can confuse your defender and keep them in the dark about where you're heading to.


Ankle Breaker

Once you've got the fast dribble chain you want, it's easier to keep your defender off balance with the Ankle Breaker badge. Its purpose is almost self-explanatory, which is why it should be elevated to Hall of Fame level.


Tight Handles

What good are the first three badges if you can't break your defender? The Tight Handles badge can save you, and that's a good thing, as it complements all three of the above badges.


Quick First Steps

The purpose of the Quick First Step badge is to make your drive explode. Sometimes you don't need to do much dribbling to get past your defender. The effects of this badge only become apparent once you reach silver level.



The 2K22 meta is not so drive friendly. Very often, the worst defenders in 2K22 can still steal the ball from you. The Hyperdrive badge limits such instances, which is why you need it to be at a higher level.




When it comes to the defensive meta in 2K22, unless you have the Downhill badge, it's probably not a good idea to go coast-to-coast.