NBA 2K22 Drops Season 4: Hunt 4 Glory with a New Signature Series Pack

2022-03-07 11:00:00

The day has come when we begin our tireless quest for gold as the fourth season in NBA 2K22 has arrived with Season 4: Hunt 4 Glory now live worldwide. As reported earlier this week via Courtside Report, Season 4 is aiming to be the most loaded season yet in the game, full of drops, rewards and events for ballers to enjoy. Before we continue, please visit MTSTACKS for more NBA 2K22 content and 2K22 MT coins. The first of the surprises coming our way is the arrival of the fourth batch of Signature Series items featuring more Galaxy Opal players and autographed items for us to collect.


The fourth batch of the Signature Series program is now available in NBA 2K22.

You'll only have a week to get your hands on some of the latest Signature Series packs and bundles. As always, the first thing you need to do is go to the Pack Market menu and purchase some packs or bundles from the fourth Signature Series installment, where each pack contains five items, with the possibility of picking up a player from the latest Signature Series batch.



You can buy each pack individually for 11,250 VC or 15,750 MT or you can buy a pack of 10 or 20 for 99,000 VC or 198,000 VC, which will be a 12% savings over individual purchases. Here's a list of all the exclusive players available in the fourth edition of the Signature Series packs and bundles:


GO 97 OVR Kevin Durant - Oklahoma City Thunder

GO 97 OVR Klay Thompson - Golden State Warriors

PD 95 OVR Kyrie Irving - Brooklyn Nets

PD 95 OVR Joe Johnson - Atlanta Hawks

Diamond 94 OVR Serge Ibaka - Oklahoma City Thunder

Diamond 93 RWO Andrea Bargnani - Miami Heat

Amethyst 91 RWO Boris Diaw - Phoenix Suns

Amethyst 91 RWO Avery Bradley - Boston Celtics

Ruby 89 RWO P.J. Tucker - Houston Rockets

Ruby 89 OVR Cory Joseph - San Antonio Spurs


If one pack is enough of an expense and you didn't get the Galaxy Opal player you desperately needed, you can always turn to the Signature Series alternative to draft some of the best players.



Collecting all 11 Signature Series autographed cards will reward you with a Galaxy Opal Antawn Jamison who is certainly a dangerous offensive threat.

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