NBA 2K22 International Players Rating

2021-11-25 00:00:00

To get these amazing players fast and easy, you should check out 2K22 MT at U7buygames. Yesterday NBA 2k official released 2k22 player rating, James and Durant Curry are rated with 96OVR and ranked first in the league. Turning our attention to international players, 2k has now officially announced the ratings of players from France, Germany, Australia and New Zealand, with France's Gobert (88) and Australia's Simmons (84) leading the rankings.


France player rating ranking top7: 1. Gobert 88; 2. Fournier 79; 3. Batum 77; 4. Maledon 74; 5. Luwawu Kabarro 72; 6. Hayes 71; 7. Dombuya 71.


Gobert was the best defensive player in the last season and led the his team to a silver medal at the Tokyo Olympics. Fournier, who shot 43% from three in the playoffs last season, was a big contributor to his team's medal success, and even signed a four-year, $73 million contract with the Knicks in the offseason. Batum, on the other hand, was one of the key players in the Clippers' run to the Western Conference last season, and at 34 years old this year, Batum is still performing respectably.


Australia and New Zealand players ranking: 1. Simmons 84; 2. Ingles 80; 3. Adams 79; 4. Mills 76; 5. Giddy 75; 6.


As you can see from this ranking, Patty Mills' rating of only 76 is full of controversy. Last season Mills played for the Spurs as a bench player, averaging 11 points per match and shooting close to 40% from 3-point range. And in this year's Olympic games, Mills can be said to be killing it, in the face of the bronze medal battle in Slovenia led by Doncic, Mishin scored 42 points to break the personal Olympic scoring record!


Compared to Simmons, in last season's regular season, although to help the team achieve the first place in the East, but in the Eastern Conference semifinals, Simmons' performance is questionable, which has become the biggest reason for the team North Hawks eliminated, next season Simmons can continue to play for the 76ers is not yet known.