NBA 2K22 MyTeam Season 1 Rewards

2021-10-15 00:00:00

Don't miss the chance to buy NBA 2K22 coins from! NBA 2K22 MyTeam seasons were introduced last year. Players are having a blast with this new mode. A season lasts for a few weeks during which participants have access to rewarding activities. More NBA 2K22 MT coins will help you get the rewards so visit and learn how to buy NBA 2K22 coins! Each season has unique rewards. Let's see the rewards from the first NBA 2K22 MyTeam season.

'13 Carmelo Anthony is a 96 OVR card with 94 outside scoring, 86 inside scoring, 78 defending, 90 athleticism, 80 playmaking, and 83 rebounding. '93 Kelly Tripucka is an item that has 92 OVR and 88 outside scoring, 79 inside scoring, 75 defending, 80 athleticism, 79 playmaking, and 74 rebounding. Luka Doncic is another card with 92 OVR. His attributes are 83 outside scoring, 80 inside scoring, 73 defending, 83 athleticism, 84 playmaking, and 80 rebounding. These two MyTeam Season 1 rewards have 90 OVR. One represents Vin Baker in the '06 NBA season when he was with the Seattle SuperSonics. The stats on the card are 78 outside scoring, 88 inside scoring, 75 defending, 80 athleticism, 66 playmaking, and 88 rebounding. The other 90 OVR reward item shows Rui Hachimura having 82 outside scoring, 86 inside scoring, 74 defending, 82 athleticism, 52 playmaking, and 85 rebounding. Brian Winters has an 88 OVR card with 86 outside scoring, 82 inside scoring, 86 defending, 78 athleticism, 82 playmaking, and 66 rebounding. '07 Damon Jones is an 85 OVR item whose attributes are 88 outside scoring, 66 inside scoring, 66 defending, 83 athleticism, 88 playmaking, and 42 rebounding. Larry Nance Jr. adds an 81 OVR card with 76 outside scoring, 71 inside scoring, 71 defending, 72 athleticism, 62 playmaking, and 73 rebounding. Dennis Smith Jr. has a 79 OVR Season 1 reward card with 77 outside scoring, 75 inside scoring, 72 defending, 87 athleticism, 81 playmaking, and 48 rebounding. '04 Darvin Ham has 78 OVR with 74 outside scoring, 65 inside scoring, 68 defending, 76 athleticism, 61 playmaking, and 60 rebounding. Don't forget about the pink diamond token rewards that include 95 OVR items Walt Frazier, Mitch Richmond, Dale Ellis, Jerry Lucas, and Brad Daugherty. Locker codes allow you to get cards for free. Just find the locker code on NBA 2K22's social media and claim it in the game for tokens, packs, or item cards.