NBA 2K22: Sink or Swim Kicks Off Tomorrow

2022-04-06 14:29:00

MTstacks helps you get cheap 2K22 MT with fast delivery and attentive service! A new in-game event called Sink or Swim is coming for the current gen consoles tomorrow, and it is the second event within just a few days. A new court comes along with the event and it will make its debut several days before the Flash Rounds tournament. Let’s reveal the upcoming Sink or Swim event now, shall we?


Sink or Swim


The brand new NBA 2K22 event called Sink or Swim kicks off tomorrow, making it possible for players to experience an brand new court with an underwater theme. The event will be current gen exclusive, the details about rewards for the event have not been revealed officially.


Flash Rounds tournament


Current-gen console users should celebrate now, as The Flash Rounds tournament is exclusive for you as well, and PlayStation 4 users are able to experience the event (Flash Rounds #1) on April 5, 2022 (Eastern Daylight Time). and the event will last for almost half a month, with 12 rounds altogether. The final round (Flash Rounds No.12) of the event is arranged at 6 PM on April 14, 2022 (Eastern Daylight Time), and you can check out the detailed schedule for the NBA 2K22 Flash Rounds tournament on the official website of NBA 2K22.


Please note that players must be older than 16 and PlayStation 4 users to take part in the NBA 2K22 Flash Rounds tournament.


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