NBA 2K23 GOAT Boat: Current Gen users won't be returning to the Cancha Del Mar

2022-09-15 13:00:00

It has been revealed that the current players will not return to Kancha Del Mar, but will instead be on the NBA 2K23 Goat boat. Buy cheap NBA 2K23 MT Coins from MTstacks and build your dream team!


As we get closer to the game's release, we'll learn more about the game mode and what it will look like. We also have the following content arranged for you.


Let's get you up to speed on the NBA 2K23 Goat Boat.



NBA 2K23 Goat Boat revealed


The NBA 2K23 Goat Boat will be announced in a few days on September 2. At present, we are waiting for our first news.


But we do know that current users will get off the Cancha Del Mar and go on the GOAT ship. The question is, how big will the ship be?


Say goodbye :Cancha Del Mar has a short shelf life


Another question is whether this is just a revamp of Cancha Del Mar or an entirely new type of platform. Regardless, the NBA 2K23 Goat Boat is a welcome addition for the current generation of users.



Let's look at the schedule for the rest of the week.



Pre-launch content plan


In the week leading up to the game's release, there were several public events, including one for the NBA 2K23 Goat Boat.


The City of London may also get a new look, it may be expanded to accommodate more players or similar to last year's version.


The August 31 video is expected to be just that of a special guest announcer, which should give us an idea of the PA announcer situation.


Let's take a look at all the events that happened.


August 31 -- Special guest


September 1st - My Career + 2K Beats


2 September - G.O.A.T Boat (currently available)


September 3 - Clothing brand + stage show


4 September - Motion Capture (behind the scenes)


September 5th - Jordan Challenge (Game content)


September 6 - Player Rating + Game Content


September 7 - City


September 8 - NBA 2K23 first season


September 9th - #2KDay23 release date




The release date of NBA 2K23


As you can see from the above content schedule, the release date for NBA 2K23 is September 9, 2022.


If you haven't pre-ordered the game, it's still a while before release and you'll want all the rewards you can get.



There is a huge MyTEAM showing off all the popular game mode variations, including Triple Threat online co-op.

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