NBA 2k21: MyTeam Season 5

2021-02-24 00:00:00

The season 5 of MyTeam comes with 2 new collection of cards that will bring together 15 players from the Golden Age and 15 from the Modern Age. According to the developers, these cards will be unique and completing the collections will unlock an unprecedented reward in the game. In order to collect these players, you will have access to Coming Soon groups, each coming with their own Agenda to complete in order to unlock a new player. Players will start this new season with a level 1 LeBron James card that can evolve with three possible paths, all leading to a unique Diamond LeBron James. The reward for reaching level 40 in Season 5 is a Galaxy Opal David Robinson. The other season reward for this season include Hamidou Diallo, Joe Harris, Buddy Hield, and Mark Price. Additionally, Season 5 will be the shorter to date with only 5 weeks instead of 6. The Signature Challenge of this season will be Michael Jordan’s performance against the Jazz during the 1998 NBA Finals. The reward for completing this challenge is a Diamond Jordan shoe and a Hall of Fame badge. In case you need one, you can unlock a Michael Jordan card with the following locker code: JORDAN-LAST-SHOT. The developers have made the following changes and additions with the new season: Swap out duplicates and other unwanted cards in your collection to pick up Amethyst Larry Bird, Diamond Khris Middleton, and the first Galaxy Opal in The Exchange, Lou Hudson. A new PS5 Challenge Activity has been added, pitting your best lineup against the 2000 Raptors to get 10 dunks against Vince Carter and T-Mac. The more dunks you throw down, the higher your ranking on the leaderboard! Based on community feedback, Limited will keep the 4 minute quarter lengths from Season 4. New lineup restrictions will include rules based on Lineup OVR (Overall Rating), adding a new challenge for lineup builders. More Galaxy Opal rewards! Triple Threat has expanded to 1,000 wins with Galaxy Opal Peja Stojakovic at the new high mark, and Galaxy Opal Don Ohl has been added to The Vault. Triple Threat Online also receives its first Galaxy Opal with Fred Brown. With Michael Jordan gracing the Ball Drops this season, check out the returning 10-slot boards after wins in Triple Threat Online. No more Amethyst shakes. For the rest of the year, only Diamond and higher rated players will trigger a player walkout. Finally, look to the Reward Market for new Token Reward players like Galaxy Opal Moses Malone, Diamond Devin Booker, and Amethyst Dejounte Murray.  MTstacks will help you in your quest to build the best team with the best price of NBA 2K MT coins.

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