NBA 2k22 The best builds in MyCareer

2021-10-09 00:00:00

Let’s start with the Point Guard build, which is one of the favorites in the game thanks to its archetype that allows the players to move around the floor as quickly as possible, while creating space for his teammates and being able to score three points shots when necessary. In order to create a good build in this case you will need to push the trait pie chart toward green and orange, allowing you to earn badges in Playmaking and Shooting without casting out Finishing and Defense.

Next you need to push your physical pie chart towards agility. That is indispensable to grant your player the speed we were talking about earlier. When it comes to stat potential it is important to heavily invest in playmaking, finishing and shooting, while leaving some space for defense. Physically, your player should ideally be around 6’2” in height and weight 165 lbs with a wingspan of 81. Finally add Spot Up Shooter as takeover as well as shooting and playmaking badges.

Next, we are going to cover the Shooting Guard builds with the Sharpshooting Facilitator archetype. This build is perfect for players who like scoring three pointers reliably while reducing your assist capabilities. The trait pie chart for this build should mainly be green, maxing your scoring abilities. The physical pie chart should tend toward agility, without forgetting strength. In terms of stat potential, it is important to improve your shooting stats without Post fade, while maxing defense and finishing stats linked to driving.

Your player should be 6’2” in height, weight around 166 with the maximum wingspan that you can get. Pick the spot up shooter take over as well as shooting badges. MT Stacks will help you in your quest to build the best team with the best price of NBA 2K MT coins.

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