Plan Your February NBA 2K22 Sessions With This List Of Events

2022-02-08 00:00:00

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NBA 2K22 February Events and Activities


Club 2K

When: February 4th-5th, 11th-12th, February 19th.

What: MyPlayers cannot pass up the opportunity to have fun and score double XP. The soundtrack includes the freshest music added to NBA 2K22.


MyTeam Limited

When: February 4th-7th, 11th-14th, 18th-21st.

What: This is a competitive event that allows players to obtain their MyTeam Limited rings. Players are restricted to using only NBA All-Stars items for their teams. Free Agent cards cannot be used as well. To make it easier to spot the accepted cards, they have the Limited mark on them.


Deck Party

When: February 5th-7th.

What: This is a MyTeam event that takes place on the Cancha del Mar. MyPlayers hop on board and engage in various activities on several decks. The Party in question goes on Deck 15. Any matches played on this deck give double XP.


Adidas Basketball Open Run

When: February 5th-7th.

What: Do you have what it takes to win against the Adidas teams? This event requires players to take on four teams. It's a progressive challenge as the teams range from rookie to superstar. In addition to the rewards, you will also obtain double XP from these matches.


2XP Rec

When: February 12th-14th.

What: Head to the Rec on the Cancha del Mar. Each game played here is worth double XP.



When: February 12th-14th.

What: Something is happening in The City. The rules have changed. MyPlayer cannot sit aside.


Feel the Love

When: February 12th-15th.

What: Dress for Valentine's Day and score double XP from games.


Park After Dark

When: February 19th-22nd.

What: The unique items for the event give you a cool look. Players are challenged to two versus two and three versus three games. There's also a dunk contest.


Rival Day Conquest

When: February 19th-20th.

What: Players compete for their Affiliation. The Rival Day Championship decides who takes home the big prize.


MyTeam Unlimited Qualifier 4

When: February 19th-20th.

What: The last of the four GameDay Qualifier events is happening over the weekend.