What's New In NBA 2K22 Season 3 The W Online

2022-01-07 00:00:00

Why struggle when you can buy NBA 2K22 coins from U7BuyGames at amazing prices? We're in the last week of NBA 2K22 Season 3: Iced Out. It has been an amazing season that brought new game modes and rewards. One of the best things about Season 3 is that all activities have rewards. Players are not forced to stick to certain modes to get seasonal prizes. Iced Out has something for everyone. Just like U7BuyGames has NBA 2K22 MT coins price offers to match all budgets. WNBA fans are not left aside. The W Online has new seasonal rewards.


NBA 2K22 The W Online Features New Players and Prizes


If you like to play The W Online games, you will be happy to know that Season 3 adds four reward tiers to this mode. The activities offer various ways to interact with others. The W Online has all sorts of competitive activities to match all tastes. Players can team up with their buddies and play together. They can also play alone if that's what they wish. No matter how you play, rewards are guaranteed. Players have the chance to earn extra badge points and clothing packs that include funky items. Season 3: Iced Out has more than just new rewards for The W Online players. Some of the best-known names in the WNBA join NBA 2K22. Lisa Leslie is now available. The veteran player was a Los Angeles Sparks member from 1997 to 2009. Her career includes achievements such as two WNBA championships and being named Finals MVP two times. She also represented the USA at four Olympic Games and three World Championships. Leslie is now a studio analyst for Orlando Magic on Fox Sports Florida and coach of the BIG3 team the Triplets. Another famous WNBA athlete joins the club. DeLisha Milton-Jones started playing basketball in college for the Florida Gators women's team. Her professional career began in 1999 when she joined the Los Angeles Sparks. Milton-Jones and Leslie were colleagues for several years. Milton-Jones has two WNBA championships under her belt and many other prizes. Both are amazing players, but you have to work to get them. Players must first complete bronze, silver, and gold tiers to achieve the Hall of Fame. The rewards include NBA 2K22 MT coins, a badge point, the takeover perk picker, and cosmetic items such as 2K breakthrough items, a mask, and a bundle containing seasonal gear.